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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Foot Patrol

In a swift second of acknowledgment
His eyes soared
vertically chasing
Fizzing metal,
Viewing a sky that
slowly rolled
Over him
And a sun that
shone for Satan
In a wilderness of
Heat and air
merged to
proportions, infused
With alloys of war
and hate that
Boiled by
waterless caverns of
Of lemon
Above a lone cloud
Soaring to
To grasp and hold
To cradle a
He blinked
Eyes silently
He fell where he
Head in his
As a man,
As a grain of
As an important
Restless Khyber
wind circled
With a belligerent
edge that
Cracked and spat
and blew,
Drifting dunes of
As hostile sand
A sign of
His mark of
Our print of
This empire of
By Stephen Hollaway

Brokenness of Britain

Became rioting 
Larceny and looting 
Brazen burglary 
Flames of fury 
Leaping to safety 
Burning business 
Fear and distress. 
Free pickings! 
Choose your store 
Come for more 
You urban poor. 
Bring alienation 
Criminal agitation 
Opportunities serve 
To grab what you deserve! 

Cameron’s ‘Brokenness of Britain’ 
Is debated by the politician: 
Causes and blame; 
Issues to name; 
Why in all classes such greed 
Bankers’, MP’s acquisitive need? 
‘We must have it’ 
‘Because you’re worth it’ 
Symbols of success. 
What ‘I have’ materialism 
Insatiable consumerism 
Is there a moral collapse? 
‘Reservoirs’ are running dry, perhaps, 
Refreshing water has been polluted, 
Values questioned and disputed. 
With all our secular social analysis 
Social and community crisis 
Do we need to ‘unblock those streams’ 
Revive our spiritual and moral dreams? 

“The moral code”, once advertised 
Forgotten or just despised 
Showed people honesty and truthfulness 
Love of neighbour and faithfulness 
Community and fellowship 
Ground for our citizenship. 
Christ implanted in our mind. 
Ideas of service, a sacrificial kind. 
This reservoir needs refilling 
Not abandoning or rejecting. 
The way to peace and harmony 
Flourishing and opportunity 
Is not by social tinkering 
But justice in our thinking.

by Brain Wakeman


The confederate dream

Muskets firing

Mini balls flying

Cannons are firing

Projectiles raining

Down on soldiers marching

Brother fighting  brother

Grant and Lee

North versus the South

Union fighting confederates


Laying in his bed

All for one

Slavery’s gone

Thomas Sims

Under the midnight moon


It was under the midnight moon

Where my love and I once stood,

Caressing and promising

Everything that we could

We were only teens,

Never knew much

Just believed everything

That we thought we understood

We planned our life together

We talked and talked,

About being together forever

When suddenly you went away,

You said you had distant lands to see

Now I watch the midnight moon alone,

Memories keep me awake

Thinking of what could have been today

By Gillian Sims

Another life

I wish I were a bird

That could fly and float,

I wish I were a wave

Created by a boat,

I wish I were a colour

Stuck to a flower,

I wish I were a clock

Counting all the hours,

I could be a star

Guiding the way,

I could be a word

For everyone to say,

I could sway in the wind

As fresh green grass

I could be clear blue water,

Flowing fast

But for now, I’ll just be me,

After that, we’ll have to wait and see.

By Abbe Cutforth

Dinosaur Dave

Thesauruses by name

Prehistoric reptile

Gigantic in size

I eat words and Letters to survive

Big and small

Long and short

Twenty feet tall

I devour them all

Dictionary’s for dinner and tea

That’s why I am as tall as a tree

BY Thomas Sims

Left or right

Where have all the manners gone?

Is todays society right or wrong?

Who are we to judge?

Is it as simple as choosing chocolate or fudge?

Is it really that close cut?

Or should our shoes be on the other foot?

Left or right who is right?

You or me ?

This could create a fight,

Family or foe?

One of us just has to go,

Our principles clash,

So instead of sorting them

We have to dash,

So who is right you or me?

This depends on society

Some Prime Minister,or head of state,

Is this the only way we can relate?

Still… I need to know

Who is right?

You or me?

So is it left or is it right?

Can you really tell me?

By Gillian Sims

Generated battery power

Do we need recharging?

Are all of our batteries flat?

It is not just for the remote control

Our lives are chaotic on the whole,

Although our lives are changing

We still depend on batteries

 to survive our daily needs

Like the website atom feeds,

But I must say At the end of the day

We are human not robotic,

That is why our lives are so chaotic

Cars and telephones meet our needs

Like televisions and the food that we eat,

Batteries we also need,

To generate our energy

From electricity

To use all the control pads and to ring the door bell,

To open new doors

To generate more

Battery powered tools,

In our chaotic lives

So what happens when our batteries go flat?

Gillian and Thomas Sims

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