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Is it the end ?

The clock strikes twelve the end has come

The beer, the lager, and the whisky has gone

But it is not the end

But a new beginning

The start of a brand new year

For everyone,

2012 and the world’s having fun

A year for all new things to be done

A new job, to earn a few bob,

New seeds to sow, then see them grow

Is something we did a year ago

So happy new year to everyone

Because a new year just begun

Thomas Sims

In the new year


I have many targets to reach

I have many important people to see

In the new year,

There is no time for tears

I have no time for fear

In the new year,

I have to develop my projects

A higher standard I will expect

In the new year,

I have twelve months

To reach my goals

No time for tears

Or negative souls,

I have the positive energy

and the optimism to see

Clearer for 2012

No excuses, saying I will shelve

Projects when there is no need,

Yes this year the air

Will be clearer to breathe, 

This year I will not wear

My rose tinted glasses to see

Gillian Sims

New beginnings

New beginnings
Ever more smiles
Well being
Yesterdays past,

Tomorrows beginning
Excitement and cheer
Amongst family and friends,
Remembering the memories

We all share

The beginning of the new year
Is the time to reflect,

To make things clear
Twelve months have past

Just so quick

Like a camera flash
No time to dwell

A time to live and be well,
A new start for many

An end to all the worries
2012 is the new beginning,

A fresh start and an happy ending

Happy new year

Gemma C

Come what may

New year – new year

I think I will make one

A new year’s resolution

This year

Stop smoking

Be nice to the wife

Make life better each day

Come what may

Be good, be true

Be sincere to everyone

You can make a promise

But can you keep it?

Tell me more,

I have 3 or 4 Ideas

In my head

But can I keep them all?

I kept one last year

For only day

But I will try again

This year,

Come what may

I promise to be good

Not bad

I will be happy

Not sad

So this new year

I will be good

I will stop doing

This and that

With no chit – chat

I will try to keep

My new years resolution

This year

Come what may.

Thomas Sims

Prayer for the world



Dear Father we come before you,

With deep concern in our hearts,

For all those that are suffering,

Here, and in far off parts.


We think of those who are afraid,

Those who are lost and alone,

Those who are caught up in conflict,

Who through war have no home?


We think of the children, Father,

Those that are sick and dying,

The emptiness in all their faces,

Bewildered, bemused and crying.


Father we ask you,

To instil into the minds of men,

To irradiate war and destruction,

And never to fight again.


Let us all pray for peace,

Together we will command,

A world of perfect harmony,

To spread throughout our land.


Malcolm G Bradshaw

Love one another

Give love and a smile; 

It will take you and others that extra mile. 

For what you give you will receive, 

No better time to give, than Christmas eve! 

Imagine what a world it would be, 

If I loved you and you loved me. 

If we multiplied this love to everyone we know, 

It wouldn’t be long before it started to grow. 

Jesus came into the world, to show us the way; 

To love one another every day. 

At Christmas time, we celebrate His birth, 

So let’s try to remember why He came to this earth. 

by Simon Icke 

In a world full of conflict, violence, selfishness, greed and hate, what better antidote than the Christmas message of faith, hope, peace and love….I hope you like the message in this poem; Please feel free to copy it out and send it to friends and family, so we can all spread a little more love around the world and hope that it makes a positive difference. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and all those you care for… 

Peace and goodwill to all peoples of the world.

Christmas day


There was excitement in the air

The tree was decorated with lights

The fairy on top stood proud

In her dress, and glittering tights


The decorations hanging so majestically

Children in bed fast asleep

Stockings in a line waiting to be filled

Snow outside crisp and deep


The clock at mid-night strikes

Awaiting Santa on his sleigh

To leave toys for everyone

For today is Christmas Day


On this day when the children awake

Filled with excitement and joy

Eagerly ripping off the wrapping paper

Wide eyes open, each little girl and boy


A feast eating Christmas dinner

The turkey, the Christmas pudding alight

Everyone at the table well fed

The conversation all jovial and bright


Now Christmas was over

And everything cleared away

Its time for all to relax

Looking forward to Boxing Day. 


Malcolm G Bradshaw

Living in the fast lane

Life’s so quick; life’s so fast,at this rate will I last?How on earth will I stay sane?

Living in the fast lane.

Peace of mind I have no more,

simple life has gone for sure.

Always wanted in constant demand,

mobile in car, mobile in hand.

No time to talk to an old friend,

new friend computer, says ‘press and send’.

Half hour lunch, if you are lucky!

Eat whilst running, your fast food ‘Kentucky’.

Send a letter. ‘It takes too long,’

fax and email are the new song.

Internet instant message has just beckoned,

chat to global village in a second.

How long can I keep up this pace?

Will I ever finish the New World race?

My life is spinning out of control.

A high price to pay, for selling my soul.

Simon Icke
FootNote: I wrote this poem a few years ago before some of the very latest; go faster, easier life, busy people gadgets were on the market. However, I believe the message in the poem is still strong. Ever since I published this poem a few years ago, it has been one of the most liked and requested poems; from those that I have written. My apologies, if you already have a copy pinned to your notice board to remind you to slow down a little in your busy life. Please feel free to forward it to a ‘busy, busy friend’ or family member. Why not copy this poem out and post it somewhere to remind you not to live your life in the fast lane and take time each day to stand and stare occasionally, smell the autumn air, or the freshness of the morning dew, listen to the birds singing their chorus or just enjoy the beauty of nature and God’s creation all around you, perhaps make time to speak to a lost friend or a forgotten family member. You have my permission to publish the poem if you like its message on your web page, newsletter or in your newspaper or magazine. All I ask is you that acknowledge me as the author: Simon Icke, Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire. UK.

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