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Daily Archives: January 7, 2012

Father open our eyes


Father open our Eyes

To the failures of mankind,

Seek out all that is evil,

  Correct all that which we find.

Protect all the innocent ones,

The vulnerable and the weak,

Surround them with your love and light,

In your arms forever keep.

Father gives comfort to the bereaved,

Ease their sorrow and pain,

Fill their hearts with knowledge,

That we all shall meet again.

Father heals all those that suffer,

Give energy to all that are weak

Diminish their pain and torment,

Give encouragement to all that are meek.

Father we send our thoughts to the world,

For everlasting peace,

Open the eyes of those that are blinded,

For war and destruction to cease.

Finally Father we ask you humbly,

For all those that have been parted,

You fill them with your love and light,

To mend the broken-hearted,

  Malcolm G Bradshaw.

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