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Thoughts about May

Ne`er cast a clout till May is out (English proverb) or in other words don’t take off your winter clothes until the end of May or possibly until the Mayflower (hawthorn) has finished flowering!  

April showers bring forth May flowers.   

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May –  Shakespeare, Sonnet 18

Here we go gathering nuts in May   

A swarm of bees in May
Is worth a load of hay; 

A swarm of bees in June 
Is worth a silver spoon; 
A swarm of bees in July 
Is not worth a fly.



The force of god

We are part of the Gods force,

It’s within all those that see,

A vision of truth, a vision of love,

A vision that all men are free,

For the light of love that is dormant,

Can be lit by all those that care,

Can be kindled with love,

Can be kindled with hope,

For qualities we all should share.

We are all part of the Gods force,

A force that only seeks peace,

A vision the world stops killing,

Where torture and wars will all cease,

Let that which is dormant,

Be a beacon to all in a storm,

Let them bathe the light that is within,

Draw them close, let the flame keep them warm.

We are all part of the Gods force,

For your love will have lit the light,

For the vision of truth, and the vision of love,

In others will forever burn bright,

So follow the path you have chosen,

Ask nothing in return,

Just be a beacon to those in darkness,

Shine forth, so men can learn.

Take from Gods force,

All the power that you will need,

To give hope to the lost and bewildered,

And knowledge for all men to feed,

Then those visions of truth, and those visions of love,

Will only be visions in your mind,

For the light of God has entered,

To teach the world to be kind

By Malcolm Bradshaw

10th competition

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Worst weekend

The house is freezing,
Heating’s cut off
My chest hurts,
Here comes a cough
Nowhere to go,
No one to see
Nothing to do,
No cash for me
A duvet day,
Stuck home bored
Sleep a lot,
Feel like a fraud
Daytime TV,
Rubbish to eat
Cannot wait,
‘Till they fix the heat
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