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From time to time nature reveals its awesome power
In earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes and hurricanes
All of these lead to scenes of devastation
The ruins of buildings are often the only thing that remains
On occasion the damage is of tragic proportions
With numerous deaths among the people who are involved
Many thousands are left homeless, and with other problems
Problems which require our help if they are to be solved
The world has been stunned by the recent tsunami
Which resulted from an earthquake off the coast of Sumatra
Many have been killed around the shores of the Indian Ocean
And destruction has occurred in every quarter
There is no doubt that these people need our support
Sympathy is not enough to help them recover
The loss of loved ones and property must have been devastating
And to them the memory of the tragedy will live forever
No doubt the richer countries will offer their assistance
Some will send experienced personnel to help with the clear up operations
But it is a long term programme of help that is required
If there is to be any hope for future generations
We should be prepared to deal with these disasters
For we know it is not unusual for them to happen
We should not be surprised when they occur
For we know that they are part of nature’s pattern
Ron Martin

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