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Thinking about mother

Prison Poem

Within these walls this prison
My mind and thoughts run free.
I think of mom and days gone by
And of what she meant to me.
I wonder how life would have been
Had she not gone away
And would I be behind these bars
If she were here today
How would my life be different?
I’ve asked a million times
If I could only talk to her
She might have stopped my crimes.
I’m thankful for the time we had
But she could not have known
Of the dark void left within my life
In the years since she’s been gone.
I needed her and miss her.
I love her for a fact
But I know my life is different
And I know I can’t turn back.

                                                    © Terrie L. Sherman 2012



The Fallen

When the sun rises I will feel no warmth

When the wind blows I will feel no breeze

 Falling rain will not chill me

Dark nights I shall not fear

 Medals sent to my family 

A flag at half mast to remember me

 No more reason to be bold 

as my soul grows slowly cold

 I’ve done my fighting, my deed is done,

I did my best, I hope we won

 As I lay here to rest in peace

please don’t let my memories cease 20,000 FT

Falling through the clouds, tumbling in the air

Jumping from 20,000, with style, grace and flair

 Any sane person would think you’ve lost the plot

but experience, skill and patience

let you dust down on the spot

 Jump from the back, on green lights flashing bright

 As you dive off the ramp into the starry night

 Guided by your instinct, trusting on your skill

 Pulling up at 500 ft takes an iron will

 Landing both feet planted, pulling on the brakes

 You’re down again and ready, no time for mistakes

 Dump your rig and stash it, grab your gear and run

 Slipping silently into the night,

aiming down your gun 

The jungle swallows you whole,

as you set off on your goal

 On another mission, onward more you go…

Dan Fry

O-L-Y-M-P-I-C- G-A-M-E-S.

Only for those of a special breed,
Living a dream, a chance to succeed,
Yesterday’s hopes and desires coming true,
Making your mark with records anew
Proving hard work and the daily grind,
Instructing the body, conditioning the mind
Can capture a medal for the whole world to see, with 
Glamour and Pride for your country,
As you stand aloft and you flag is flown high, there’s
Memories forever, and a tear in your eye,
Enjoying the moment, the admiring looks,
Securing you name in the history books.
By Ken Budden

      © Ken Budden 2012

Broken heart by Gillian Sims

Day trip



Off to Matlock for the day

First the bus then the train

Got the tickets so on the platform

lots of people are milling around,

Bing-bong Tannoy sounds platform 3

The Matlock train is coming now,

On the train find a seat

Got a picnic in a carrier bag

Biscuits, cakes, cheese and ham

Flask of tea for dear old Nan,

One child crys out are we nearly there?

Bing-bong tannoy sounds

Arriving now in Matlock,

Off the train and walk into the town

Look nan there’s a charity shop

Can we have a look around?

There are lots of toys to be found

A blouse for me and trousers for you

Then mum says I just fancy a cup of tea,

Lets find a café there is one by the river side

A cup of tea and coffee for me,

Pop for the kids lets all sit outside

Then a big brown dog came up to me,

A Labrador dog with big brown eyes

He was a little bit wet but I didn’t mind

He had been swimming

All he wanted was someone to be kind

Then dad checks the time,

Off we must go

On the train then the bus

Now we’re home off to bed

That was really a lovely day out

Thomas Sims

Thank you


Everyday I say thank you,

And praise my God I am here,

To experience the wonders of His creation,

Feel His presence know that he is near.

Gaze upon the beauty that surrounds us,

To feel the breeze upon my face,

To walk hand in hand with nature,

With flowers that beautify this place.

It’s good that we exist,

To experience the good things in life,

To overcome all our problems,

Conquering all trouble and strife.

We know life can be cruel,

Sharp words when spoken can hurt,

When people talk down to you,

And treat you like a piece of dirt.

Always remember you are special,

Unique in what you do and say,

There is no top or bottom,

We are all equal in every way.

We are all Gods children,

For within burns the eternal light,

Now always remember to say thank you,

As you say your prayers tonight

Malcolm  Bradshaw

This little old house By Thomas Sims


An old ancient trade
To a new bag of tools
Skilled master craftsmen
With patience and guile
Show a young eager boy
How it’s all done, what not to do
Keen to learn, willing to graft
For in return, a gift, a craft
To use throughout life
This education of art
Taught to a boy, used as a man
Three years of indenture
In theory and practise
By brain and brawn
Viewed through the telescope of life
A journey that starts as a boy
With a new bag of tools
To a man with an old ancient trade.
Stephen Holloway
9th competition 2011


Poppy and the snail

Poppy the fairy was flying in  the forest

When she came across Simon the  snail

He wasn’t looking too  good

In fact he was looking quite  pale

Whatever is the matter enquired  Poppy

I don’t know was Simons  reply

I have not been able to  slither

For my trail has been to  dry

Poppy gently picks him up in  her arms

Flew down to the doctor pretty  quick

For she was very concerned  about Simon

For she knew that Simon was  very sick

She took him to see doctor  dandelion

The doctor would know what to  do,

He examined poor Simon  thoroughly

He diagnosed Simon of having  snail flu

The doctor told Poppy to take  him home

Put Simon straight into his bed

Make sure he has plenty of  fluid

Place a cold compress around  his head

Poppy made sure Simon was  comfortable

As she tucked Simon into his  shell

After a few days of nursing

Simon recovered very healthy  and well.

Malcolm  Bradshaw
The winner of the
9th Competition
Malcolm Bradshaw has donated his prize money back to Poetree creations
So we can run more poetry workshops
A big thank you from every one at Poetree creations

Triumph and Despair


When Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on an ass,

The prophecy of Zechariah at last had come to pass,

The population welcomed Jesus as their King,

And their loud hosannas all of them did sing.

Some cut down branches down from the trees,

And strewed them in His path,

But all of this only added to the Jewish leaders wrath,

For they were not prepared to except the claims that he had made,

And the acclamation of the people only made them more afraid,

For if, Jesus was allowed to set up a Kingship of his own,

They would loss the powers, which under Herod they had known.

A revolution now would bring this to an end,

And they felt that their position was one they must defend,

And so they began to plot and scheme and arranged for his arrest,

And dragged him into the judgement Hall where Pilate put him to the test.

Pilate asked some questions, the called the proceedings to a halt,

And he told the Jewish leaders “That in Him I find no fault,

But there is a custom that at Passover a prisoner is set free,

If I release Jesus to you it would be satisfactory to me”.

But the Jews called out “crucify him” His death we want to see,

You are no friend of Caesar’s if you set him free.

So, Jesus was lead away to die to satisfy the Jews,

Today his death would have been headline news,

But at that time no one looked at the cross in dismay,

For two others were also crucified on that very day.

No one realised that it was such a tragic loss,

But it was the Son of God, who was hanging on that cross,

He was hanging there as a sacrifice from sin to set us free,

And to pay the price that God demanded on behalf of you and me.


Ron Martin

A shoulder to cry on



Many people in this world

 Need a guiding hand,

Someone to talk too,

Someone to understand,

Without the knowledge of life,

Without tenderness and care,

They have no one to speak too,

To confide in, and to share.


Be a shoulder to cry on,

Listen and you will find,

The satisfaction you receive,

By being sympathetic and kind,

Receive your thanks with humility,

 Asking nothing untoward,

For God will repay your kindness,

By serving, will be your reward.


There are so many lonely people,

Who only need to share,

Their troubles and downfalls,

Just to show them that you care,

Illuminate their conscience,

Encourage them to conquer and fight,

Extinguish the darkness that surrounds them,

To fill them with Gods glorious light.


Malcolm G Bradshaw

Tidy up

Can you please tidy up

Wash your pots

Clean up after yourself

The house is tidy

And I like it like that

There are people coming

And I do not know what they will say

So can you please tidy all your things away

Thomas Sims

Love life

Silver streams

Midnight dreams

Faraway places

Rainbow chases,

Desert islands

Faraway lands

Mediterranean cooks

Babbling brooks,

Tanned skins

Bodies slim

Smiling faces

Summer days,

Stars twinkling

Babies blinking

New-found wealth

Good health,

Loving lots

Photo shots

Sunny weather

Living forever,

Secrets shared

People care

Silent night

Loving life

Gillian Sims

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