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Daily Archives: July 15, 2012

A shoulder to cry on



Many people in this world

 Need a guiding hand,

Someone to talk too,

Someone to understand,

Without the knowledge of life,

Without tenderness and care,

They have no one to speak too,

To confide in, and to share.


Be a shoulder to cry on,

Listen and you will find,

The satisfaction you receive,

By being sympathetic and kind,

Receive your thanks with humility,

 Asking nothing untoward,

For God will repay your kindness,

By serving, will be your reward.


There are so many lonely people,

Who only need to share,

Their troubles and downfalls,

Just to show them that you care,

Illuminate their conscience,

Encourage them to conquer and fight,

Extinguish the darkness that surrounds them,

To fill them with Gods glorious light.


Malcolm G Bradshaw

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