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Daily Archives: July 25, 2012

Thank you


Everyday I say thank you,

And praise my God I am here,

To experience the wonders of His creation,

Feel His presence know that he is near.

Gaze upon the beauty that surrounds us,

To feel the breeze upon my face,

To walk hand in hand with nature,

With flowers that beautify this place.

It’s good that we exist,

To experience the good things in life,

To overcome all our problems,

Conquering all trouble and strife.

We know life can be cruel,

Sharp words when spoken can hurt,

When people talk down to you,

And treat you like a piece of dirt.

Always remember you are special,

Unique in what you do and say,

There is no top or bottom,

We are all equal in every way.

We are all Gods children,

For within burns the eternal light,

Now always remember to say thank you,

As you say your prayers tonight

Malcolm  Bradshaw

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