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Daily Archives: July 26, 2012

Day trip



Off to Matlock for the day

First the bus then the train

Got the tickets so on the platform

lots of people are milling around,

Bing-bong Tannoy sounds platform 3

The Matlock train is coming now,

On the train find a seat

Got a picnic in a carrier bag

Biscuits, cakes, cheese and ham

Flask of tea for dear old Nan,

One child crys out are we nearly there?

Bing-bong tannoy sounds

Arriving now in Matlock,

Off the train and walk into the town

Look nan there’s a charity shop

Can we have a look around?

There are lots of toys to be found

A blouse for me and trousers for you

Then mum says I just fancy a cup of tea,

Lets find a café there is one by the river side

A cup of tea and coffee for me,

Pop for the kids lets all sit outside

Then a big brown dog came up to me,

A Labrador dog with big brown eyes

He was a little bit wet but I didn’t mind

He had been swimming

All he wanted was someone to be kind

Then dad checks the time,

Off we must go

On the train then the bus

Now we’re home off to bed

That was really a lovely day out

Thomas Sims

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