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Daily Archives: August 15, 2012


600 not out for Post poet Ron… and there’s plenty more to come

FROM mining and politics to religion and philosophy, there are not many subjects Bulwell poet Ron Martin has not covered when he puts pen to paper.

And on Saturday he saw his 600th poem published in the Nottingham Post.


Prolific:  Ron Martin, 83, of Bulwell has written his 600th poem for the Post.

Prolific: Ron Martin, 83, of Bulwell has written his 600th poem for the Post.

Now aged 83, Mr Martin has been writing poetry for only about 15 years.

But in that time he has not only seen hundreds published in the Post, he has also had 15 books published, with the proceeds – about £3,000 – going to Nottinghamshire Royal Society for the Blind.

With a scientific background and a life that revolved around the mining industry, Mr Martin never thought of himself as a poet.

“English was not really one of my strongest subjects but I developed a flair to write poetry,” he said.

“I don’t spend a lot of time writing poetry. It comes to me when I’m thinking and all of a sudden I jump up and write the poem.

“Sometimes it just takes minutes. People think I spend hours or days on them but I don’t.”

Mr Martin, of Chilwell Court in Bulwell, added: “I don’t write frivolous poems. I write poems with a message. I think of the message and then I write the poem to fit in with what I want to say.”

He has not only been published in the UK but also America and was recently invited to join the International Society of Poets in the US.

But he was worried he might not be able to make it to the annual meetings in Washington, so turned down the invitation.

Mr Martin, who was at school during the Second World War, went on to study at Nottingham Technical College before working as a scientific technical officer for the National Coal Board.

He had various other roles in the industry including surface manager at Kirkby and Cotgrave collieries and taking on responsibility for training and recruitment in later years.

“I wrote one poem about the demise of the coal industry that points out why the mining industry closed down,” he said. “It’s nothing to do with politics – it’s to do with the fact people have stopped burning coal.”

His poem, shown on this page, talks about how diesel engines took over coal-fired engines on the trains, how gas fires replaced coal burning boilers and other changes that took place.

With hundreds of poems under his belt, Mr Martin has no plans to stop yet.

“I’ll carry on writing them,” he said.


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