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Daily Archives: October 8, 2012

Dear April

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A little girl so precious and bright 
Her family go on and still they fight,
Early mornings long devastatingly days
Cold wet and lonely at night,
Their little girl taken in a flash
The cold hearted person a piece of spiteful trash,
In strangers thoughts as people pray 
For a beautiful girl home safe today,

Outside she played is that so wrong?
But evil was around and she was gone !!
April Jones we hope you’re safe home
You should come and let justice be done !!

Gemma Cutforth


In the bar she sat alone
Just with her mobile phone
She sipped on her happy hour beer
And showed signs of fear
That he’d let her down again
The beer glass began to stain
In rings on the wobbling table
She stood, unable
To move or speak with clarity
Life was without hilarity.
Stephen Holloway.
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