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Daily Archives: October 15, 2012

What does Saturday mean to you?


I still send them

It really amazed me

A robin perched for food

It was lovely sight to see

Then all the cyclists

Taking part in the Tour of Britain

Then my eyes just spotted a letter that was


From Malcolm Bradshaw

Thanking the poets

He said, readers aren’t sending them in

But I can tell, Malcolm

Mine could have filled a bin

The ones that meant a lot me

About my mum and dad

Were there in print for all to see,

Which made me very glad

There weren’t always poems

Then in nineteen eighty four

I had a Christmas Eve poem

I thought one day ,I’ll send some more

My first publication I remember the most

I have a lot to say thanks for

To the Nottingham Post.

Jean Taylor

Nottingham Post

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