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Daily Archives: November 20, 2012

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In an ideal world

In an ideal world

Poverty would not exist

Wars would be a myth,

We would not have to protest

To be put to the ultimate test

In an ideal world

We would all unite

Create an international community

One that is airtight,

Where we wouldn’t be allowed to fight

In an ideal world

We could all travel across the globe

No barriers involved,

To live life to the extreme

No sadness or heartache to redeem

In an ideal world

We would all cherish one another

Like one would nurture a red rose,

We would be kind to our sister or brother

Care more about their whereabouts before time goes

In an ideal world

Twenty four hours would be one month

Lots more living to spare,

For persuing our ultimate dreams

Instead of surviving the dreaded credit crunch

In an ideal world

Travel would be free

To unite families who may live abroad,

Something refreshing for the eyes to see

To have freedom and a whole lot more

In an ideal world

By Gillian Sims

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