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Daily Archives: November 29, 2012

The Christmas plant – Poinsettia Pulcherrima





In many countries the poinsettia has achieved cult status during the Christmas season. Attempts to create varieties that made suitable house plants met with success in the 1950s and since then this winter-flowering plant quickly grew to be a permanent feature in Christmas symbolism and decorations. The reason for the enormous popularity of this plant is obvious: the tall star-shaped leaves make it an ideal accompaniment to the existing Christmas symbolism.

Live life for today


Don’t wish your life away

Just live life for today

But we only get back

Whatever we put in,

To wish your life away

Would surely be a sin

There is so much to explore

Life is here to love and adore,

Everyday brings new beginnings,

To see the world smiling

And to hear the birds singing

Through all of the seasons

We breathe this happy life,

We see such wondrous things

That each new day brings,

Each time you wake

Look at the world around you

Feel how good it is to be alive,

Don’t take things for granted

Life is on your side

Gillian Sims

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