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Daily Archives: November 30, 2012

Exits and Entrances

Autumn stood at the crossroads
Wearing a golden coat of plenty
Giving a last look at the year
Surrounded by a shallow mist
A russet door stood ajar
Then burst off its hinges
Remnants of leaves took flight
Autumn’s residue trampled by
A darkling thug
A braggart and thief made
Its entrance
Faceless and hooded
Breathing frosted air
Hands of cold compressed steel
That held the dying autumn
By the throat
This mellow boy gasped
His November smile slid
Into the deadly snarl of
Dark shortened days of
Winter stood with autumn
In his arms
Hues of faded reds and
Tainted greens bled slowly
From the fallen season.
Stephen Holloway.
• I like to walk and notice the change in seasons.  Using human form to depict the autumn and winter gave me some scope to see them as the frail disappearing season of beautiful hues, and the brash, bullying season of darkness and chill – making a terrifying entrance.

Love thy Neighbour


Nearing the end of the crossword

All very well, but what then?

Bereft of a purpose, it leaves you

Idle and empty again

What comes of not being a wage share?

Not doing your bit for your bread

Of just getting by on a pension

I’ll tell you: feeling already half dead 

Thank God for places like Oxfam

Where you work the day long doing good

Taking money for excellent causes

Doing something you know that you should

Yes, altruism perhaps is the answer

Crosswords simply will not suffice

If you’re past slogging it out for your living

Help others you fiardnernd is quite nice

By Ron Gardner

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