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Monthly Archives: December 2012


Our red hot lips met

Our tingling fingertips

Showing the emotion

Of a red hot kiss,

Our eyes met

Our hearts set

Showing the emotion

On love,

Like a fire

We set alight

The magic night

Triggered flames

We couldn’t tame,

Showing our emotion

Our thoughts

Our desires

To set the night

On fire,

Our passion

An emotion

We couldn’t resist

That started with

A red hot kiss

Gillian Sims

Frost at midnight

frost at midnight

etches a sketch

of its self
upon a window pane

drawing itself over
& over again

whilst outside
the moon

hangs suspended
above diverging roads

pondering which path
to take

as if it had promises
to keep

I just want to sleep
but I have miles to go before

reciting aloud to the stars
Walter De la Mare’s


to myself
to keep myself


The woods fill up
with snow

making everything
a ghost

of what it was.

The woods fill up
with snow…snow

memories of
long agos.

Donall Dempsey
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