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Daily Archives: January 17, 2013

A very good poem

We love your poem!!!

Lara Dunning

I need to catch up on somethings this week. Here’s a poem I posted last year.

Midnight Snow

Mother’s voice in the night

Whispering sweet delight

Midnight snow is falling


Warm hands clasp as one

Each step snowy fun

Nose tickled by a flake or two

Midnight snow is falling


Soft and silent falls the snow

Mother’s love I’ll always know

Soft is her voice

Soft is her hand

Midnight snow is falling

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Frost haze hangs over the stiff furrows,
whitens fields with iced wheat stems.
A brown layer of trapped smoke,
a line against the pale sky, shows the limit
of this cold, dense air-bubble – an invisible
inversion. The Bass Rock rises
from a milk-blue sea, its base fog-blurred,
and to the long horizon, no horizon.

At this time, we feel the need for warmth,
for company, and if our forebears feasted
so can we. We gather further, winnow the world
for tropical fruits, exotic spices, tangy sauces.
No borders to bounty, no boundaries to taste,
no limits to wanting, because we can have.

And to those who have not? We give, we must,
for now we see that difference makes us all
the same. Need is universal, want is just the way
we choose to live.

Colin Will

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