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Daily Archives: February 3, 2013


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A crazy cooking poem for kids



A Crazy Cooking Poem for Kids

A box of melted crayons.
A cup of Elmer’s glue.
A pint of watercolor paint.
Some Silly Putty too.

A half a pound of Play-Doh.
About a pint of paste.
A tablespoon of flubber
to improve the final taste.

I looked through all the cupboards
for things I could include.
If it was marked “Non-Toxic”
I just figured that meant “food.”

To guarantee it’s healthy
I topped it with a beet.
Then smashed it all together
so it should be good to eat.

I’m hoping that you’ll try it
and tell me what you think.
Just close your eyes and open wide
and nevermind the stink.

–Kenn Nesbitt

A Swedish Poem


Hjärta och smärta hör ihop
en samklang

Ibland en sorg
som tynger hjärtat

Ibland en glädje
som lyfter hjärtat

Men utan sorg
sà känner vi ej glädje

Translation from Swedish GOOGLE:

Heart and pain associated
one tune

Sometimes a grief
weighing on the heart

Sometimes a joy
that lifts the heart

But without sorrow
we feel no joy 

 Maria Thunholm / Maria de Suède

“ tack for ert svar “


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Cleaver of God

I Will Stand
I hear a voice call out,
     “Who will stand for my children?
          Who will stand for Righteousness?
     Who will stand for my people,
               All my people?
          Who will stand for the Broken,
                    the down-trodden,
                         those with lack in their soul?
     Who will stand against the wiles of the dark one?
           Against the harbinger of evil?
                    Oh, who will stand, my Beloveds??”
I listen to a voice so sweet,
          yet fierce.
               A voice so noble,

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I have no feelings

if something goes wrong

it’s not my fault, blame yourself

for your own stupid mistakes

be more careful where you go

be more careful what you do

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