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love the poem

Shashi Moore

This is my entry for picture it and write…

True Reflections


The music of my life, you!

the rhythm of my heartbeat, you!

The brook of my emotions, you!


Bosom warm, yet, your reflection so cold.

 Soothing snuggle closer, yet, apart.

I felt you quiver so I cuddle, but remoteness mirror


My love, be, lost in your dreams*

Tell me baby?

Shadowed beneath your long lashes

Am I warm and tender?*


I struggle nearer to astir your

Trust in the phony likenesses

I lie in your arms enclosed


you fail to grasp

as I surf the ebb of my emotions.

Resigned, I rest my head beseeching my freedom

from phantom of your passion

trust not that,

Your blossomed love consume my bosom

as my image denies

you see not the true reflections.

Cause my love is

So; so, so;

skin deep.


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