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Daily Archives: February 8, 2013

The Ballet

I was invited to a performance by the Royal Ballet
And in all honesty I did not want to go
But I had been invited by a very special friend
Who assured me it would be an excellent show
I was most impressed by the dancing
And the music was the best that I have heard
But the cast must have been speaking in whispers
Because I could not hear a single word
To me this was quite a disappointment
I didn’t expect the cast to rave or shout
But I felt that if I could hear them speaking
I would understand what the ballet was about
I’ll make sure that the experience is not repeated
Next time I’ll make sure that I get a front seat
I’ll fit a new battery in my hearing aid
Which should ensure that my enjoyment is complete
Ron Martin
Nottingham poet

My perfect space

All the words I haven’t said

All the books I haven’t read,

All the films I haven’t seen

All the places I haven’t been

I created a space in my mind

When I relax,I unwind,

These are the targets I haven’t met

I will now put my mind to the test,

When,where, and why

Can I inspire

To set my heart on fire?

To reach all the goals

That my heart desires,

My aim in life

I can create,

My perfect space

Gillian Sims

Nottingham poet

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