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Daily Archives: February 10, 2013

An unusual crime


Who was D.B. Cooper, it’s a name you may not know,

On his death bed he admitted a crime committed many years ago,

The crime was most unusual, being the first of its kind,

If you consider the facts an unusual story you will find.


A Boeing 727 was flying from Portland to Seattle in 1971,

On board were thirty six passengers and crew,

A passenger told the stewardess that a high jacking was taking place,

That she must listen carefully whilst he told her what to do.


He opened his case to reveal cylinders joined by wires,

That he had a bomb was very plain to see,

The stewardess was told to inform the pilot of the fact,

And that their co-operation would guarantee their safety.


The pilot was told to land as normal in Seattle,

The passenger were set free as soon as the plane landed,

The crew however were not aloud to leave the plane,

It was then that a ransom was demanded.


The hijacker asked 200,000 dollars and a parachute,

Which the authorities decided was a small price to pay,

In return a promise was given that the plane and crew would be safe,

So the ransom was paid, and the plane took off without delay.


The first orders were to fly the plane to Mexico,

But soon after take off the orders were changed,

The pilot was ordered to reduce height and speed and to open the rear door,

The hijacker jumped when everything had been arranged.


The police knew the area where he must have landed,

It was an area which contained a lot of marshy ground,

They thought that he might have been killed on landing,

But in spite of a widespread search he was never found.


His thin clothing and the atrocious weather conditions,

Made it very unlikely that he could survive,

But after months of searching without finding his body,

The police had to assume that he was still alive.


The numbers on the ransom money had been recorded,

It was hoped that when it was spent it would provide a clue,

But none of it was ever found in circulation,

After a few years the police decided they had other things to do.


In 1977 D.B Cooper married, but used a different name,

His wife had no idea of the crime he had committed,

They lived a peaceful normal happy life together,

It was only on his deathbed that his guilt was admitted.


His wife was surprised and told the police of his admission,

They must have been happy that the truth at last was known,

They could not understand why the money had not been spent,

So the reason for the crime is still unknown.

By Ron Martin




Thirty years after the hi jacking a young boy playing in the area where the hijacker landed found a bundle of 50-dollar notes, which had been part of the ransom money.

It is possible that the rest of the money was lost in the marshy ground, which would explain why none of it was spent.

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