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Daily Archives: February 16, 2013


For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
That’s what one of the Laws of Physics has to say
But it is not one we should take into consideration
When we think about the way we live our lives today
In our personal lives every action can invoke reaction
For other people usually react to the way we act
They are likely to adopt a similar disposition
Whether we like it or not it is a fact
The way we act towards other people is important
If we are a happy person we shall spread happiness everywhere we go
For the way we act is bound to cause a reaction
If we exude sadness it can spread to everyone we know
The way we react to other people is important
For if they are seeking to spread happiness
We should ensure that our reaction is one of pleasure
Otherwise we could be the one to cause distress
If we take a positive attitude to everything we do
We shall find this will encourage others to do the same
Their reaction will reflect the way we are
And we could all be winners in life’s game
By Ron Martin

Confederate dream


Confederate Dream
Muskets firing
Mini balls flying
Cannons are firing
Projectiles raining
Down on soldiers marching
Brother fighting brother
Grant and Lee
North versus the South
Union fighting Confederates
Lincoln’s dead
Lying in his bed
All for one
Slavery’s gone

By Thomas Sims




You show me love every day,

You show me right from wrong,

You cuddle till I fall asleep,

You wipe my tears when I weep,

You make me giggle, laugh, and smile,

I know for me you walk for miles,

I’m so proud to have you as my dad,

Every day you make me glad,

To be your son and have your love,

To me there is no one above,

You are the best one I hope you know,

My cuddles and kisses is how I show,

I love you daddy you’re the best,

Your so much better than the rest.

By Orion Woolvett

Age 8 and a half months

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