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Daily Archives: February 19, 2013


Bootnecks start the fight

The Para’s eagle flight

ATO’S prep the rounds

While tankies churn the ground

Drop shorts bring the might

MP’s oversee the night

Blades sneaking through the lines

When JTAC’S watch the skies

The Rupert’s read the map

Chunkies build the camp

Scaley’s man the net

REME fix the snatch

The loggies bear the load

And the roundels bring you home

By Dan Fry

She is the ocean: The winner of the international poetry competition 2011 – Sponsored by Don Holmes a local Nottingham poet

I love the depth of the ocean

As it matches your gamut of emotions

Darkness, mystery, abundance and

To those who strive for vilification

I love the vastness of the ocean

As it matches your eyes description

So wide, so pure and lacking fiction

Calling me to dive without vacillation

I love the alterations of the ocean

As it matches your unexpected actions

That makes each scene with different

To lubricate the wheel of our interaction

I love the breeze of the ocean

As it matches your fascination

I feel King in your captivation

And you are Queen of my passion

© Chaouki
April 26th, 2011

International poetry entry 2011

The winning poem 2011

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