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Daily Archives: February 23, 2013

Looking for god in a hard world

Looking for God in a hard world is not easy.
Does anyone care about the poor and needy?
Why are the rich so greedy?

Violence wars and hatred, famine and drought,
So many go without,
It’s no wonder people start to doubt.

Some people say there is no God,
But with the next breath they blame Him, isn’t that odd?
As they try to make it on their tod.

With life in such a mess,
We could
say why care about the rest?
Have you thought this could be a test?

Perhaps after God’s creation,
He just forgot to mention,
There would be lots of tension.

Where does he come from,
where does he go?
It’s like the wind, I do not know,
Yet His mighty power does show.

Good will prevail over evil in the end,
And forgiveness a
broken relationship will mend.
Wasn’t Jesus sent to be a friend?

Ask and it will be given,
Knock and the door will be opened,
Seek and you will find.

by Simon Icke

A Glimpse

When silence has flooded the house
tin soldiers open their eyes
clockwork feet of a tiny mouse
attempting to surprise
a spaniel deep in dreams
of some endless summer field
of lake and starlit streams
no longer forced to heel
One long yawn slowly began
a twitch of a shiny nose
and a growl at a figure like Pan
a bark that would surely impose
in darkness, by fireside, a white beard,
that gleamed as if part of a crown
the dog and tin soldiers n’er feared
the figure in the red velvet gown.
Stephen Holloway
9th competition

Be Positive

Be positive whoever you are
See positivity as your guiding star
Luck will always be on your side
If you take the positive ride
This ride will take you to the perfect place
So let us begin, there is no time to waste
Negative thoughts are now dismissed,
Positive thoughts are at the top of your list
So jump on the ride of the positive tour
Don’t let negativity knock on your door
Sometimes negative thoughts will reappear
Just knock them down with your positive sphere
This is the best mental weapon you hold,
Keep it safe, treasure this piece of gold
Begin your tour with your guiding star
Be strong and you will travel far,
Once you take steps along this path
Your positive thoughts will never look back

Gillian Sims

Motor bike for sale




Quarter of a million pound motor bike

T E Lawrence he had one Lawrence of Arabia to you and me

Lawrence got a terrific fright one night

When he got off his camel and climb on his motor bike

A Brough superior ss100 motor cycle

In the year of 1925

It had a powerful 980cc Jap v twin engine

It was the fastest thing you ever did see

A 100mph a guarantee

It’s now August 2011

It’s a sad day for me

A Brough motor bike

In Auction in a America

That’s just to far for me

A quarter of a million pound price tag

It’s pie in the sky just to high

So I can look from afar

But the only thing for me

IS to buy a rusty second hand car

By Thomas sims


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