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Daily Archives: February 26, 2013

We love this!

Idle Thoughts and Fevered Dreams


Clear like water or dark like the earth.

Smooth and silky or harsh like fire.

Warm from a bottle or cool from a glass.

Calming and relaxing or vigorous and bold.

Taken straight, taken mixed.

All too soon, the last drop is missed.

by Nicholas Byrley

Is a poem about rum tacky? I don’t know, I was still inspired to write one. I enjoy my rum now and then and tonight is no exception. It is cold outside and a storm is brewing, so my wife and I are spending the evening together. She prefers wine and I like rum or whiskey. Like the old married couple we strive to be, we drink in the comfort of our home now more than anywhere else.

In case anyone gets the wrong idea from this poem, please remember to drink responsibly. Drinking and being a drunk are two vastly different…

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We have a dog like this. He came from the rescue centre.

Move the Chair

I am not sure if this is exactly a playful expression-what I do know is that this dog has come a long way from his being found half-gone in a ditch back in October.

I caught him as he was playing with his new toy and enjoying a sunbath from the windows overhead. He is a happy pup these days.

For today: Master Hubble at Play

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We love this!

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