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Daily Archives: February 28, 2013

I am what I am

So you think I’m a complex man,
is that who I am?
Why try and work me out?
I’ll only leave you with some doubt.
We are all unique,
yes, even you and me,
I’m sure you agree.

I’m no crowd pleaser,
just a word teaser.

I’m just an ordinary man;
“I am what I am”.

No trend setter,
no go getter,
no position seeker,
no power climber.

Just a word rhymer,
a letter writer,
a campaign fighter,
maybe a ‘fire starter’
of issues; an agitator, 
or a motivator.

The power is in the written word,
mightier than the sword,
no gimmicks
or slimy tricks,
no party politics…
but an independent activist.

I won’t judge you,
so don’t judge me
and let me write free;
if you believe in democracy,
then let people find their own story,
that’s hidden in the poetry.

By Simon Icke

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