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Daily Archives: March 6, 2013


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Experimental Fiction

Raging at Gods
of evil intent,
cursing the frustrating
time that was spent,
in following heart
and ignoring mind,
in trusting in love
but only to find,
that passion is fleeting
and lust quickly faded,
while outlook grows darker
and attitude jaded.

Silently cursing
an unconscious fire,
that burns in the soul
flavored sweet with desire,
to have and to hold
a love everlasting,
a life offered whole
without need of asking,
given with trust
and utter conviction,
speaking to heart
that is willing to listen.

But history speaks
of past hurt and pain,
could I open my life
and risk anguish again?
Is the chance to be taken
worth sorrow and loss,
when things fall apart
as surely they must.
Is it safer to stay
alone and apart,
to protect this damaged
and love tired heart?

Happiness fleeting
is surely still worth,
the risk that goes with it

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The Tattoo — by Stacy Poole & Jordan Wester

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Could it be?

We love this!

MC's Whispers

dogopolyThe window was halfway down so he could easily pop his head out, gazing at the passers-by.

“Hey pup! How ya doin?”

“All right. Not too shabby, I would say. Out for the day’s walk. How about you?”

“Good. Just got up from my nap. Tiring day today. Was up since dawn. You know, had to chase after breakfast. My stomach was growling!”

“Ah, I know that feeling. I just hope the economic crisis doesn’t cling on us too!”

“Hey pretty! Nice bow you got there!”

“Oh thanks, Dane! Just got out of the salon. You like the new style?”

“Suits you perfectly darling! You should pass by more often. Makes the sun shine brighter!”

“Oh stop, you’re making me blush!”

BRRRRRGGGGGGRRRRRRR!!!! The neighbor next door started the lawn mower. I was abruptly woken up from my daydream and reinstated back to reality.

Suddenly the Great Dane sitting by the…

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We love this!

JJR Writing.

Sometimes I wish you could walk through the stems of my mind
See the pain and worry and constant doubt
Doubt in myself, in my heart and in my being
There’s no part that I want to hide, but it’s hidden
I can’t let it out, let you see, let you believe
Because if you believe, you see the real me
See the pain in myself, in my heart, in my being
I’ll never be real
I’m plastic
Plastic mind
Plastic heart

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20 Lines A Day

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I’ll soon be leaving the University of Life
I hope my final exam result will be first rate
But I hope to travel on to the Eternal City
And to receive a warm welcome at the Golden Gate
It is the place where I hope one day to be
Where I can fulfil my hopes and my desires
Not a place where the streets are paved with gold
A place of harmony enveloped in the music of heavenly choirs
I know that entry into the Eternal City is not automatic
And not everyone will find acceptance there
The decision will be affected by our record here on earth
That is something of which we should be aware
Not many people today believe in eternity
In fact it is hard to understand what they really do believe
They might feel that death is the end of our existence
And that eternity is difficult for them to perceive
For this reason they indulge themselves in earthly pleasures
Hoping this will provide happiness until death takes our life away
But each of us should carefully assess our situation
For we may have to answer for ourselves on Judgement Day
By Ron Martin
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