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Experimental Fiction

Raging at Gods
of evil intent,
cursing the frustrating
time that was spent,
in following heart
and ignoring mind,
in trusting in love
but only to find,
that passion is fleeting
and lust quickly faded,
while outlook grows darker
and attitude jaded.

Silently cursing
an unconscious fire,
that burns in the soul
flavored sweet with desire,
to have and to hold
a love everlasting,
a life offered whole
without need of asking,
given with trust
and utter conviction,
speaking to heart
that is willing to listen.

But history speaks
of past hurt and pain,
could I open my life
and risk anguish again?
Is the chance to be taken
worth sorrow and loss,
when things fall apart
as surely they must.
Is it safer to stay
alone and apart,
to protect this damaged
and love tired heart?

Happiness fleeting
is surely still worth,
the risk that goes with it

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