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Daily Archives: March 11, 2013

Slow to judge By Ron Martin

Early in the morning


It’s early in the morning

Sun light steams through the curtains

That’s half open wide

The birds outside are singing

I lift my weary heard

And rub my tired eyes

Some tea and toast for breakfast

I find a half clean dirty cup

To put my tea, milk and sugar in

Then let the kettle boil

The bread is in the toaster

It pops up It’s only burnt both sides

Scrape and butter it

Then add a little jam

That should taste good

I haven’t woken up yet

Its early in the morning


Thomas Sims

There is a light at the end of the tunnel


                         As I looked into the sky,                               

                          I saw a beam of light,                                    

                        It shone directly over me,                            

                             So beautiful and bright,                                   

                           I looked in amazement,                              

          As the light surveyed the ground,

Sweeping back and forth,

Searching all around.


The light had many colours,

Of reds, blues, and green,

A spectacle of brilliance,

The most beautiful ever seen.

Then from within its beauty,

A symphony of sound was heard,

Filling the air with music,

My very spirit stirred.


A haunting sound of peace,

Filled my heart with love,

Creating an hypnotic trance,

As the light shone from above.

I felt so warm and comfortable,

Bathed in that beautiful light,

Drawn to the end of the tunnel,

To a light that burnt so bright.


At the end of the tunnel,

Was a soul so gentle and meek?

Welcoming a lonely traveller,

Bemused I could not speak.

Welcome to the world of spirit,

This gentle soul he said,

For you have left the material,

Your body on earth is dead.


Now your spirit life is eternal,

And in time will expand and grow,

But now is the time to rest,

To be surrounded by all you know.

Enjoy your life on the material,

Put thoughts of death behind,

Be tolerant with one another,

So all will have peace of mind.


For me my earthly life as ended,

But my loved ones I will be near,

To help in times of torment,

To elevate all fear.

 Rest assured my spirits free,

 Free from all earthly pain,

So be strengthened in that knowledge

     For we all shall meet again.

Malcolm Bradshaw

The Giraffe in my bath

I found a giraffe in my bath

He was having a wash

He looked very clean

And he sounded very posh,

I didn’t know his name

I wasn’t sure why he was there

He seemed very polite

So I didn’t really care,

There was a giraffe in my bath

When I went to have a wash

I didn’t know his name

But he sounded very posh,

When I asked him to leave

He didn’t seem very pleased

So I left the giraffe in the bath

I just hope he hadn’t got a key

Gillian Sims

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