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Who wrote Shakespeare’s Plays? Did he or didnt he? That is the Question!


Mike Sheridan - Researcher and Writer

Hello again readers. A chance encounter with a newspaper article has got me blogging today. The subject will be familiar to many and centres on the debate about the actual author of a number, though maybe not all of Shakespeare’s plays. There have been a number of conspiracy theories circulating for some time. Now Paul Edmonson and Stanley Wells of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust have decided to publish “Shakespeare Beyond Doubt” in an attempt to counter the numerous theories.

The book includes chapters on three chief “suspects”: De Vere The Earl of Oxford, Bacon and Marlowe. These chapters provide historical evidence  or suggest that  none of these three could have written Shakepeare’s plays. So if  these three did not write any of the plays, did Shakepeare have any help or collaborators? Dr Edmonson states ” We know he collaborated with John Fletcher on Cardenio, Two Noble Kinsmen and Henry VIII. We also know that Thomas…

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Flag (Lament)


Next summer no sign of a flag
What a drag
No fluttering cross from a car
Empty bars
George defeated by a Croat dragon
Our heart is saddened
Goliath, tamed from Zagreb, is found
Weeping, wounded, and unsound
High expectations slowly unfrocked
Defence unlocked
Defiantly waving banners with desperation
It’s over; only respiration
Red merges white – we surrender
1966: remember
Faded flags of former glories
That brings old men’s’ stories
Muffled voices, startled looks
For disbelief and flights of rooks
Darken the sky; amid the land –
The flag, bemused, dare not stand
So console your symbol of power
Walk away to that ivory tower
Give it a rest for a while
As Europe wryly smiles.
• My anti-jingoism poem that tries to lower the flag a little.  Many feel the Union Jack and cross of St. George has been somewhat ‘hijacked’ by factions of the far right.  ‘Faded flags of former glories’ has a double meaning really – football (England were beaten by Croatia in a group qualifying game in 2007) and empire.  We are a spent force in both of these areas, but many still feel we are a world power; in both football and as a military force: we are neither.
10th competition

The Week in Early American History


The Junto

TWEAHIt’s that time of the week and it’s my turn to do the roundup, so let’s just get started with some links from the past week or so

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Flotsam and Jetsam


Battle Studies


The crashing of the waves against the shore

Feel a lot like

A thousand knocks on my door

In the morning,

with only two bottles to take you anywhere

One for the road, one for your soul

I wish I had more,

to drown

in a puddle of mess that we’ve made

I’ve made –

through the years,

wishing to count on the better days,

for something to keep,

something to hold on,

something to stay for.

The ocean,

it calls you out

wave after pink wave,

water crashing down on your face

like a thousand buckets

of dry,

unwanted tears

the hook and the tab

for all the undaunted fears

Monday, April 22, 2013 | 3:38am

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Unending Love – Selected Poems For April

We like this!

Truthful Eyes

great poem

National Poetry Month (US)

very nice


April is National Poetry month in the US and the great thing about the global Blogosphere is that we can all share in their celebration.

Regular readers here will already know that three years ago I went public about my depression. One of the results of that admission was a release of creativity which I had suppressed for almost 3 decades. As a child and young adolescent I was always very creative and artistic, but once depression struck, all my energies were focussed elsewhere and I had nothing left for creativity. It was buried deep and long.

My first creative release came through writing. I couldn’t stop writing. I took a notebook everywhere and wrote lots of poems mostly in Haiku format. Haiku is great for me as it combines expression with use of language and vocabulary with a structure.

One of my first efforts was to describe my take…

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The pillow.

love this

April Showers By Gillian Sims

St George and the Dragon





St George went riding through the woods

He’d been drinking, but was now on the wagon

Through his blurry eyes, he could not believe

In the distance, he saw a dragon


A shiver went down the spine in his back

As he viewed the terrible sight

 Sobered up at what he was seeing

He face turned ashen and white


In no condition to fight the dragon

As he had been on the booze that night

By now poor George was seeing double

He was in no condition to fight


The dragon by now had seen him

Flames shooting out of the dragons nose

St George now had to stand his ground

Muttering, I’ll have to fight him I suppose


As the dragon drew nearer to St George

George drew on all of his strength

He filled his helmet with water

And the dragon he did drench


The dragon left with his tail between his legs

Because George gave that dragon a fright

He could not believe that he had been defeated

By a someone who had been drinking that night


  Malcolm Bradshaw 
10th competition

Happy st george’s day

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