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Daily Archives: May 2, 2013

On the bus

To meditate would not be easy

On this bus where raucous children

Run up and down although not meant to,

Laughing, giggling, almost, you might imagine,

Uncontrollable. A happy pair whose mother

Might restrain them, had she the energy,

And passengers might mutter to themselves,

‘Look at the scamps mountaineering bus seats,

Full of the life that in the rest of us

Has settled down to mild acceptance.’

Ron Gardner

Tidying the corners of your life

When you tidy the corners of your life

It is surprising what you may find,

Things that you had forgotten

That somehow were left behind,

It has been said that it is good for the soul

To tidy the corners of your life,

It cleanses your soul and your mind

And blows away your cobwebs

To concentrate on your goals,

Like a change is as good as a rest

There is nothing to compare,

To put you to the test

So if you are feeling blue

Just take the time,

To start tidying the corners of your life

There is nothing to be lost,

It may show you a path to new horizons

And a clearer kind of life

One that may be inspirational,

One that you may find just right

By Gillian Sims 2011

You are the kids best companion

Dear teacher,

Young learners eagerly tend to thrive

Into a foreign language they need to dive

They are naturally zealous, curious, energetic, and alive

And sometimes are hyper and loud as if in a beehive

You should scaffold them all along the drive,

Provide them with adequate tools to survive

And consider the appropriate ways you should contrive

Dear teacher,

Young learners are fragile and vulnerable

With affection and care you should handle

With them into language learning you will travel

To stroll around their world that is not ample

But cozy, overwhelming and still humble

Use your magic to make them twinkle

And make their learning setting real and meaningful

Dear teacher,

Young learners are individuals with different smarts

Some use their brains, others use their hearts

Some prefer auditory styles, others fancy kinesthetic arts

Consider these differences when designing lesson parts

And make your objectives clear as if playing darts

Engage them in activities and assign purposeful projects

Make of their performance a shiny surface that reflects

Your successful mission to embrace those sweet hearts

© Chaouki M’kaddem

February 7, 2012

International competition 2012

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