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Haunted Lives

                                                              Inspired by A Haunted House

                                                                        by Virginia Woolf.

You haunt me, you haunt us. You think we don’t know? Don’t worry about it, dears, we see you also. We see you through those misplaced objects, those doors we closed- that you opened. Ghosts cannot be seen, but they can surely be felt. I feel you joining us for dinner, we feel you walk past us in the halls. We know you’re lost, searching, seeking without answers.

You’re lurking, giving meaning to your memories, you compare us. We know, it is the past for you- that you live vicariously through us.

You’ve loved,
You’ve lost – we see.

Watching us, you lurk again, watching us.

We imagine you talk about those uncountable kisses you’ve planted on each others cheeks, we imagine you love us, as much as you love your yesterdays. We imagine you’re not ready to move on, you want to live through us.

My lover and I? Oh, you’ve seen. The ups, downs, rights and wrongs- you’ve seen, you’ve lived through it all, we know. It tears up my heartstrings to say this,


You’re breaking us.

I love him, you know, but the two of you watching over him and I—those transparent eyes of yours will be the death of us.

Consider this letter a treasured piece of history. Study it, then please leave us be.

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