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Daily Archives: May 9, 2013


Great poem


Burning bright
Pinpoint princess
Of the night

If the stars
Could learn to fly
They would follow

Shining jewel
Sparkling bright
Almost cruel

Feeling love
As you pass by
Glitter for me

(c) Helen Valentina 2013, All Rights Reserved

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World War I Poetry by Women: Alice Corbin

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I want to showcase a few World War I poems by women that usually don’t get much attention. This first one is by Alice Corbin (16 April 1881 – 18 July 1949) who despite being American (and thus not yet directly affected by the war) was moved to write, in 1917, what is a strikingly “modern” poem:

by Alice Corbin

He was wounded and he fell in the midst of hoarse shouting.
The tide passed, and the waves came and whispered about his ankles.
Far off he heard a cock crow — children laughing,
Rising at dawn to greet the storm of petals
Shaken from apple-boughs; he heard them cry,
And turned again to find the breast of her,
And sank confusèd with a little sigh…
Thereafter water running, and a voice
That seemed to stir and flutter through the trenches
And set dead lips to talking…

Wreckage was…

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Morning Fog

Great poem

Poesy plus Polemics



great gray cotton tufts

nestle in treetops

filter pewter beams

fading in their reach

for damp forest floors


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Work And Contemplation By Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Love this


Nice poem.

S.K. Nicholls

Lake of Dreams (c) 2012 Kit Lang

Young and tender softly green

Knowing all there is to know

Assuming not just what it means

To turn loose and let go

Some day soon to find the sun

And feel the warmth within

Sharing the sun then with one

Unaware of where love’s been

The chill arrives and winds are loosed

Two have become as one

Time passages are now accused

Of the chiaroscuro of some

Aurora hastily drifts away

Reiterating back to Earth

Creation not meant to stay

While arranging for rebirth

~S. K. Nicholls

Fiber art by Kit Lang

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Poem for Peace

Nice poem.

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