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supposerose's way



I was built years ago by loving hands.

By a family that came from another land.

They built with their sweat by the light of the moon

They dreamed of the future and a special room.


Their dreams came through just as they planned

They welcomed new friends in a room so grand

With china and crystal and chairs of gold.

The house rang with laughter, the story was told.


Now that you know of this house and its story

Close your eyes and vision its glory.

Never judge a house by outside

It may look derelict but it still has its pride.



I love derelict buildings and take many photos. I was sorting through them and came across this interior in its wrong file. I was about to put it in its appropriate place when I thought that maybe this dear neglected house once…

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Quote #90

Words That Flow Like Water

Alfred TennysonFrom Alfred Tennyson…

Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, 
Whispering ‘it will be happier’…”

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A poem for those on night shift


Time in Rhyme

Great poem


Once when time was long and slow
AnElephant decides that he must go
Back to the start of everything
Back to where all life begins

He knows he cannot bottle time
It slips through fingers and through minds
It can’t be fenced it can’t be boxed in
It is a simple complex concoction

Time does not move from right to left
It doesn’t go from east to west
It never varies up and down
It simply always flows around

No barrier stands in its smooth way
It changes inexorably
Nothing ever halts its progress
There is never any point to protest

It passes on it takes its toll
It tells him he is growing old
It proverbially teaches wisdom
And brings agelessness when at last death does come

Once when time was long and slow
AnElephant decides that he must go
Back to the end of everything
Back to where…

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