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Daily Archives: June 2, 2013

Sleep little princess

So very good and emotive!

An Autistic child

Such a good poem!

A mother’s love

Love this!

Pick up the phone by Malcolm Bradshaw



Ponnta's day


Where does it come from?
from the sky?
from our heart?
from teachers?(SOME teachers?)
from earth?
than where?

I think luck will comes from everywhere.
Some times when I lay down
Luck falls on me.
Some times when I talk with my friends,
Luck comes beside me.
Sometimes when teacher points on me,
Luck buzzes to me from the teachers hands.
Some people says
Luck come from computer.

Luck is everywhere.
Look here comes a luck!

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Luck never happens luckily

It has a well-defined itinerary

To reach a target immediately

It may pass by you airily

And if you are a bit lucky

You can grab a puff so quickly

Otherwise, you will lament its fatality

© Chaouki Mkaddem

June 1st, 2013

A Man with no name by Thomas Sims

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