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Daily Archives: June 7, 2013

Came & went

Ashley Anonymous


An orange sun sets in the sky, trees whisper in the wind, mocking birds mock disater, as the sky is turning dim. The clouds are continuously rolling, like the dark waves beneath them, turning and rippling, pulling deeper in.  The storm has came, the storm has went, dark skies, and heavy winds, the clouds open up to a brightly lit sky, and reminds me that life is full of surprise.

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Poem: I Used to Write You Poems

The Black Lantern


I used to write you poems
But now there are no words
No praises shall I sing to you
No rhymes about you heard
I used to tell of your beauty
And the heaven in your eyes
Now I will say nothing
My emotions, I’ve disguised
All the sweetest words you’ve heard
I shall not speak them again
The tender feelings I expressed
Was in a time so far back when
The kindest things that I had said
I meant them as so true
Every heartfelt word I wrote
Each was inspired by you
But now the words I longed to speak
They do not reach your ears
The time now gone for our happiness
The time now gone with tears
I used to write you poems
That’s what my words were for
But now I write of other things
Since you don’t read them anymore

©2013 James Takeo

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Better Days


I think of the times in which we live
All the conveniences we have in our day
And maybe I get too thoughtful of things
Remembering how we did things the old way.

How many can say they took fresh cream
Shaken in a jar to race to make fresh butter
Children laughing at each other without fear
No thoughts of hitting or injuring each other.

Times when families had a set schedule to eat
Sitting around a table together with friends
Sharing thoughts of the day or discussing issues
Not demanding new electronics or contact lens.

Driving across country to see family or friend
No worry that we don’t have GPS or each a cell
We didn’t have to stay online through each mile
It wasn’t something to tweat to the world as well.

It wasn’t a time when everything needed a plug
We weren’t too busy to take entertainment outside
Simple pleasures of life with a blanket and ball
Playing catch or everyone having a bike to ride.

Today we are so busy with all the things we have
Always busy working, connected, on the Go Go Go
We make more and spend more and worry about things
But take a moment, what do we really have to show.

Broken or distant families are the standard today
Too many things, we need a computer to keep track
Maybe just that occasional thought of better days
I know it’s too late, there is no way to go back.

  Charles Townsend

Tears for the world


I cry for the world in turmoil

I cry for the world in pain

I cry for the lost and lonely

Who cry in the wilderness in vane?


I cry for those that are grieving

For all the tears they have cried

For all the emotions they experience

For the confusion deep down inside


I cry when nature is abused

By mans obsession for wealth

Stripping the world of its minerals

Interfering with this planets health


We are destroying our environment

Many more species are now extinct

It is time we changed our attitudes

In the way we all act and think


We have all been given a beautiful jewel

That is spinning around in space

It is everyone’s responsibility on earth

To make this planet a better place


Malcolm Bradshaw
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