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Poem: I Used to Write You Poems

The Black Lantern


I used to write you poems
But now there are no words
No praises shall I sing to you
No rhymes about you heard
I used to tell of your beauty
And the heaven in your eyes
Now I will say nothing
My emotions, I’ve disguised
All the sweetest words you’ve heard
I shall not speak them again
The tender feelings I expressed
Was in a time so far back when
The kindest things that I had said
I meant them as so true
Every heartfelt word I wrote
Each was inspired by you
But now the words I longed to speak
They do not reach your ears
The time now gone for our happiness
The time now gone with tears
I used to write you poems
That’s what my words were for
But now I write of other things
Since you don’t read them anymore

©2013 James Takeo

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