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Daily Archives: June 16, 2013

Happy Father’s Day




My Dad is very special

He is my Father and my friend

These are a few words of love

To you Dad I wish to send


When we were growing up

I remember you were always there

You were the provider and strength

A Fathers love you would always share


As I grew older in my years

My love for you grew stronger

But alas time took its toll

As with me you are no longer


I will never forget your caring

For me you were always there

You taught me all about life

How important it was to share


Dad I try to live by your standards

On this special day I fear

All the memories come flooding back

On my own I wipe away a tear


If you have received my thoughts

From my heart I’d like to say

On this very special occasion

I wish you a very happy Fathers Day



Malcolm G Bradshaw

To my Daddy


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