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Daily Archives: June 26, 2013

Death, the gray mocker

All the Time of a Perfect Day


The Good Spark


balance and unity

passion filled love

peace from honesty

truth from above

the stillness inside

the serene presence

the total compliance to love


love filled

agreement to self

aligned with spirit

where happiness dwells

forgetting worry

developing sense

seeing the truth

soul recompensed

the spark of the spirit

connected within

true identity



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The Steam engine

I remember the Steam engine

Thrashing out the wheat,

steamroller working

Laying out our street.

The Steam Trains,

Bellowing out their smoke.

Watching from the bridge,

Trains passing made me choke.

Steam boats on the river,

Chugging up and down,

Children smiling faces,

As they raced around.

Days spent by the embankment,

Paddling in the pool,

Children eating ice cream

Trying to keep them cool.

Trams clanking too and fro

Memories from the past

All these things I remember,

The years have gone so fast

Memories of Nottingham

Flowers that bloom in May

Memories I will treasure

Until my dying day

By Malcolm Bradshaw

9th Competition

For our own good

It is not out of naivety

Neither cowardice nor bravery

It is simply a matter of spontaneity

That I make my way to reach harmony

Through courtesy and behaving genteelly


So don’t think you are wiser

Superior or even smarter

It is simply I want to go further

And help you refine your behaviour

To make our coexistence better 


I tightly hug friendship

Though you regenerate hatred and hardship

And do your best to spoil my life trip

Beware! Life won’t give you a tip

Only bitterness is what you will sip


I believe in peace

Despite your malice

That feeds your own caprice

Beware! Greed will make you obese

And then you will sorely belch every piece


I believe in tolerance

Despite your arrogance

That feeds your foolishness and ignorance

Beware! Respect, demureness, love and patience

Are not my weaknesses but my weapons


My friend, your tendency to despise

Won’t take you any further or stop sunrise

Please open your heart and eyes

And with others you should harmonize

Winning people’s love is the best prize


© Chaouki M’kaddem

July 8th, 2012

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