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Daily Archives: July 13, 2013

All in All

Paper Street Diaries

It’s a hole in the wall

Where the lost boys live

It’s a kingdom steeped in food stamps

Where the lost boys live


On the Astroturf verge

In a desert of suburbia

It’s a broken-curfew oasis

Where the lost boys live


In an asylum-white classroom

Under gum-studded desks

It’s a Tippex-scrawled defiance

Where the lost boys live


Inside prep-school blazers

Grasping a silk-noose tie

It’s on the honours roll wall

Where the lost boys die

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Rants and Ruminations

Against the window falls the pounding rain,

The white-noise snare of drizzling mist.

The little twinges of light, wrought pain,

On the features of cold faces kissed

By anaesthetising, torpid vapour

Sapping heat from what skin is bared,

Caught out with frustrated incredulity

They always expect it but’re so unprepared.

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Poem: Even

Quarry House

2013-07-08 22-33-07_resize


Even when you are far away,
or at least,
your mind is. Even

when I am quiet, perhaps
too quiet for a spirit that yearns for conversation,

When life is a maelstrom
and it’s debris batters us both. Even
when I am alone,

we are together.

About this poem. 

Really, does this one need any explanation?  But I will tell you the picture was taken at the Dorset Inn, in Dorset, Vermont.


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13 Scary Things That Happened On Friday The 13th .

Over the years, Friday the 13th has become most famous for being that day that has a bunch of horror movies named after it. But the creepiness associated with Friday the 13th isn’t all fiction. We looked back in history and found 13 real-life creepy things that happened on Friday the 13th. If you weren’t already a sufferer of Friggatriskaidekaphobia–yes, that’s a real word, and it means the fear of Friday the 13th, which causes around $900 million in business to be lost each time the day occurs–you may be after reading this.

1. Stuntman Sam Patch Died, Nov. 13, 1829
Sam Patch was a former mill worker with the bizarre hobby of jumping off stuff. One day in 1829 he found out that people would give him money to watch him jump off stuff. Then, another day in 1829, his new career died when he jumped off a 125-foot platform into the Genesee River and died.

2. Accordion Is Patented, Jan. 13, 1854
We’re torn about this one. On one hand, when Anthony Foss patented the accordion he gave birth to polka, the favorite music of the scariest people alive. On the other hand, the accordion gave us Weird Al.

3. Alfred Hitchcock Was Born, Aug. 13, 1899
Never has there been a man born on a more appropriate date than Alfred Hitchcock on Friday the 13th.

4. Tennessee Passes A Law Outlawing The Teaching Of Evolution, March 13, 1925
Scary? Most definitely. Surprising? Sadly not.

5. The First Nudist Colony Is Founded In England, June 13, 1930
You’re saying, “Oh, a nudist colony isn’t a bad thing. Nudity is awesome!” But you’re not reading the whole sentence. See that last part? It says “in England.” The land of these people. That makes this a bad thing.

6. Nazis Bombed Buckingham Palace, Sept. 13, 1940
The Nazis bombed Buckingham Palace while the King and Queen were taking tea. What a bunch of d***s!

7. Black Sabbath’s Debut Album Was Released, Feb. 13, 1970
Did Black Sabbath release its self-titled debut album on Friday the 13th to be all dark and spooky, or did the devil dictate that an album as evil as this could only be released on the most evil date on the calendar? Clearly, it’s the first, but it’s fun to pretend otherwise.

8. Andes Plane Disaster, Oct. 13, 1972
Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crashed in the Andes on this date. Twelve people died in the crash, a few more were killed by the cold and several days later eight were killed in an avalanche. More than two months later, 16 survivors were rescued. SCARY STUFF.

9. Mary Kate and Ashley Were Born, June 13, 1986
Have you seen “New York Minute“? Then you’ve looked into the eyes of the devil. Also this.

10. “Friday The 13th Virus” Hit British Computers, Jan. 13, 1989
IBM computers across Britain were hit with a “Friday the 13th Virus” on this day, deleting all of the songs in everyone’s iTunes. No more Wham! MP3s? That’s the definition of scary.

11. Tupac Died, Sept. 13, 1996
He was shot on September 7 in Las Vegas, but Tupac didn’t actually die until Friday the 13th. Surviving for six days after being shot four times? Now that’s scary.

12. Roger Clemens Recorded His 300th Win, June 13, 2003
The Rocket racked up his 300th win at the age of 41. What’s so scary about that? Well, he was so eerily good on the mound that he could have only achieved it with the help of supernatural enhancement.

13. 13-Year-Old Kid Struck By Lightning At 13:13, Aug. 13, 2010
And now for a doozy: A 13-year-old British boy was struck by lightning on this date at 1:13 in the afternoon–they call that 13:13 over there.


Whether you take Friday 13th superstitions at face value or think they are nothing more than urban legends, here are 13 unlucky – and sometimes tragic – events that have occurredon Friday the 13th.

1. The ‘Friday the 13th virus’ infected hundreds of IBM computers across the UK on 13 January, 1989. It wiped out program files and caused considerable anxiety at a time when large-scale computer viruses were a relatively new threat.

2. Well known rapper Tupac Amaru Shakurwas pronounced dead on Friday, 13 September, 1996.3. On Friday, 13 November, 1829, American stuntman Sam Patch scheduled his largest ever jump – a 125-foot jump into the Genesee River, USA. Known as ‘The Yankee Leaper’ Patch became the first famous American daredevil after he successfully jumped from a raised platform into the Niagara River. The Genesee River jump killed him.

 On 13 September, 1940, five German bombs hit Buckingham Palace and destroyed the Palace Chapel, as part of Hitler’s strategic ‘Blitz’ bombing campaign.

 A chartered plane carrying 45 rugby team members and their friends and families crashed in the Andes Mountains on Friday 13 October, 1972. Sixteen of the group survived for 72 days while the world thought they were dead, in what would become headline-making acts of cannibalism. Their ordeal was made famous by a 1974 book called ‘Alive!’ by Piers Paul Read and was later made into a film named ‘I am Alive’.6. On Friday, 13 November, 1970, a massive storm killed approximately 300,000 people inChittagong, Bangladesh, and created floods that killed as many as one million in the Ganges Delta.

 A Swedish military DC-3 plane carrying a crew of eight disappeared over the Baltic Sea On 13 June, 1952. After one of two Catalina rescue planes sent to search for the plane was attacked by Soviet forces the incident became known as the ‘Catalina affair’. In 1991, the Soviet air force conceded it had also shot down the DC-3.8. On 13 June, 1997, 59 people were killed and 103 seriously injured in a stampede during the premiere screening of ‘Border’, a patriotic Hindi movie. Known as the Uphaar Cinema fire, it is one of the worst fire tragedies in recent Indian history.9. On 13 October, 1989, the Dow Jones experienced the second largest drop in history at that time. This event was later nicknamed the ‘Friday the 13th mini crash’.10. The asteroid ‘99942 Apophis’ will reportedly make a very close encounter with Earth – closer than the orbits of communication satellites – on Friday, 13 April, 2029.

11. On Friday, 13 August, 2010, a runaway London Underground engineering train travelled four miles through five stations without a driver. The train in front was forced to skip several stations and was diverted to another branch of the network. 

12. Hurricane Charley caused destruction in south Florida on Friday, 13 August, 2004. The strong Category 4 hurricane lasted six days altogether and hit Florida at maximum strength, making it the strongest hurricane to hit the United States since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Damage in the state totaled approximately £8billion.

13. On Friday, 13 October, 2006, the ‘Friday the 13th Storm’ struck Buffalo, New York. The unusual early-season snow storm … It is also known as the ‘Arborgeddon Storm’, ‘Columbus Day Massacre’ and the ‘Octoblizzard’. An estimated 400,000 people were without power on Friday the 13th.

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