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Daily Archives: July 14, 2013

Poets of the Fall – Cradled in Love

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Am descoperit-o recent și mi-a fost deajuns doar începutul ca să-mi activeze simțurile și starea de încântare. Îmi place mult.

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Weekend Poetry Readings: Dylan Thomas’s “And Death Shall Have No Dominion”

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Hello again one and all. We hope you’ve had a good week, and that the weather has been equally as nice for you as it has been for us.

Today, to wind down the week, we decided to go with this brilliant reading by Tom O’Bedlam of “And Death Shall Have No Dominion”, one of Thomas’s finest, darkest takes on mortality, religion, the forces of nature and the Human experience. Written around the middle of Thomas’s short life, the title pertaining to St Paul’s Epistle to The Romans (6:9), this is Thomas at his finest.

Bearing in mind that it is also a poem at it’s core about immortality, there is something fitting that this poem should still be making an impact and being analysed and recited nearly a century after it’s writing, and half a century after Thomas’s death. It can be said that true immortality comes from adding…

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English – Italian love song

I am whatever you said I am. Being a proud VEGETARIAN

Nor a feeling it can tell, nor a look I could smell.

Nor a touch I can see, nor a music I could be.

Nor a single, one poem, we’re all poets, carpe diem..

Il mio canto non avra’ stupito, ma suscitato nel udito.

Nel profondo mar’ voluto andare, senza fiato respirare.

Un enigma sta’ canzone, la risolve un barbone.

La sua vita mal che vada, vasto mondo la sua casa.

Per amore fu’ sperduto, oltre lei nul’ conosciuto.


I thought: the world is so mixed today, but there are no bilingual poems. So I wrote one. Hope at least few people will like it. Ciao 🙂


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Garden OF Gold – Your favourite poem



I walk through the garden,
On this warm summer’s day,
To smell the flowers,
That grandma raised.

In the middle,
Of this garden of gold,
Stood this one,
Single red stem rose,
The rose means so many things,
From the ones you receive on your wedding day,
To the one you get on Valentine’s Day,
But this single rose standing here today,
Represents the love grandma gave.

From the love she gave,
When she planted it that day,
To the love she gave us,
Each and every day,
So when you pass this garden of gold,
Remember the love that this rose holds.

 Lois E. Felder


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Horseshoe Bay

Port Elliott

Horseshoe Bay 2



Spiritual obsession


Communication accepted

No sounds uttered

Non needed

Connection complete

Port Elliot is a town in South Australia toward the eastern end of the south coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula. It is situated on the sheltered Horseshoe Bay

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Three Wishes

D H Lawrence


d h lawrence xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Growing up in Eastwood

With mining all around

Was difficult for Lawrence

For his health was not sound

He was bullied at school

He failed to join in games

He preferred the company of girls

For they did not call him names

His father expected him to be a miner

But Lawrence was playing it cool

First in Eastwood to win a scholarship

He went to the Nottingham High School

Alas he didn’t distinguish himself

The other boys were a class apart

He left school in the summer of 1901

Started work in factory as a clerk

In 1904 Lawrence did very well

In the Kings scholarship examination

His mother wanted him to be a teacher

Which he did through his determination?

Lawrence went on to be asuccessful author

This brought success into his life

Poetry was also one of his passions

But controversy through his work was rife

But his work may have been controversial

His written work was good

As a great poet and a writer

Who live in his home in Eastwood?

Malcolm Bradshaw
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