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Daily Archives: July 19, 2013


man alonexxxxxxxxxxxx

There is a man sitting
In a table
Just him.
Around him are couples
And friends
And eating dinner
Typical restaurant
On any given night.
This man
I watch him as he sits there
Expensive shoes
Fancy named shirt
Always on his phone
Speaking to different people
I can’t quite hear what they are
Talking about
Sounds like business rather
Than friends
He’s showing everyone
How important he is
Always chatting
Can’t even put it down when the girl
Brings him his food.
Yes he is so busy
And so important
He dines alone.
So I switch my gaze
I see a man outside
Glasses like
Eric Clapton from his unplugged album
In fact the whole outfit looks like
Very 1992
I liked his style until
I see
The gold chain worn on the
Outside of the t shirt
That kind of ruined it for me a bit
He decides not to come in anyway
And the business man has finished
And paid his bill.
Maybe I judged him
He might enjoy eating by himself
But I think I would have a book
To read if it was me.
No more interesting people to
Where is the girl with my meal?


Ra’s poems

Ode to the Instagram Generation

Last night


A gang of good intention

Came clamouring at his door.

‘Go away. You know I’m sleeping!’

‘Open up, or else we’ll let you know what for!’

‘Why bug me in the night-time?

My dreams should bring some rest.’

’Not in your case, matey,

We know what’s for the best.

We’ve come to jolt your thinking

About things you ought to do

To help you and other people

With all you’re going through.’

‘Look, I’m not wanting to be saintly.

Let me alone. Just leave me be.

Go and find real holy persons.

Allow my conscience to be free.

Farewell, you good intentions.

Get you gone now, off you go.

Let me relapse to mindlessness.

My final word is No!’

So away they crept, these spirits.

Dispirited they went.

And he, alone, could slumber on,

To selfishness hell-bent.

Ron Gardner, 22/9/11

The cottage



I came across a cottage,

That stood amongst some trees,

And smoke from the chimney,

Was being fanned by a gentle breeze.


The cottage fire was burning,

You could see it through the door,

The sweet smell of burning logs,

From the stack upon the floor.


The crackle from the fire,

It looked so very warm,

The old man tends his garden,

In clothes all ripped and torn.


In a rocking chair a sweet old lady sits,

With hair of silver gray,

Sunrays peeping through the trees

On this summer’s day.


The garden decked with flowers,

With primroses round my feet,

The birds they were singing,

They sang so very sweet.


The smell of new made bread,

That carried on the breeze,

Little animals playing in the sun,

As they dart amongst the trees.


A scarecrow in the field stands,

To frighten away the birds,

It was a picture that I saw,

So I put it into words.

Malcolm Bradshaw

The Jervis bay

What do you know about the geography of our land,
Do you know where the Jervis Bay is located,
You can search the maps without success,
Your search for knowledge will not be placated.
For the Jervis Bay is nowhere to be found,
It actually lies deep on the Atlantic floor,
It was one of the ships lost in battle,
It was sunk there during the Second World War.
The Jervis Bay was in fact a lightly armed merchant cruiser,
Whose duty was to protect an Atlantic convoy,
It did not have a lot of armour to defend it,
Compared with the German ships whose aim was to destroy.
Suddenly a German Pocket Battleship appeared on the horizon,
The whole of the convey was in danger of destruction,
But the crew of the Jervis Bay knew what they had to do,
And they did it without any further instruction.
They turned to face the enemy and went into an attack,
In itself this was a most courageous act,
They knew that there was no way they could win,
This was something they all knew to be a fact.
Their action gave the other ships time to scatter,
And all but three ships managed to survive,
The crew of the Jervis Bay sacrificed themselves,
 To ensure that many others could stay alive.
This is but one example of an heroic act,
The bravery of these men in this attack was revealed,
We must ensure that these deeds are not forgotten,
For it was by such acts that our victory was sealed.
By Ron Martin
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