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Daily Archives: July 21, 2013

The ghost of you


I saw a ghost

Walking through the woods

Was it you, or

Was it my imagination

Just wanting to,

To see your face

Illuminate the sky,

Whilst I try

To stop

My tears cascading

Like a waterfall



Down my face,

I embrace

Your memory,

I follow your footsteps

In the dark wet woods

In the deep of the night, 

My heart races

I sharpen my pace

I feed my hunger 

My urge,

To see your face,

I follow the memory

I follow the ghost

I’m all alone

With the memory

Of you

Gillian Sims




Quick Sand

ImageThe flutter and flight 
Fleeting with wonder
and delight

Curiously watching movement 
Studying the path and 
trying to find

Rhythm and rapidly
flying about
weaving in
and out

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That part of me that I’d forgotten

At least in the public eye

Returned for a visit tonight

I’d wished it wouldn’t …

Thought it was safely tucked away


We all have a piece

Of our lives


Just around the corner


How we choose to remember

Is a key to fulfilling

The purpose of recognizing

The human condition


See the reality

And walk away

If we are quietly reminded

Somehow we remain there

Replaying the highlights

We no longer wish to see


Life happens

We have moments

To choose our direction

We desire to grow


Pardon my evasive

Response to your visit

I’ve just worked too hard

To return to your state of mind


I do look to truth to guide my way

For honesty, my life breathes today

Thom Amundsen – 2013

Nego True – Sometimes |Lifestyle|Music|Fashion|Events

Nego True hits us without one of his poems that will shock the world of the internet. This poem may hit home and resonate with all who have been in love, and let the one you love go.

Enjoy Nego True’s Sometimes

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10 Reasons to Start Today

Bright, shiny objects!

ລາວ: ການຈັດການຕ້ອງເຮັດໃຫ້ດີ

Craig Harper writes:

1. You’ll never have more time than you do right now.

2. Most people procrastinate because of fear, not logic or reason.

3. Unused potential is wasted potential.

4. Planning, thinking and rationalising, is not doing. Life is not a theory.

5. If you start today, a week from now you’ll be in the middle of a change process rather than talking about one.

6. Taking action builds your emotional and psychological muscles.

7. Transformation lives in the application of the information; not the knowing.

8. It won’t be magically easier a week or month from now.

9. The ‘Opportunity Fairy’ isn’t coming any time soon, so you may need to create one of your own (an opportunity, not a fairy).

10. You’ve put it off for long enough.

11. (bonus tip, no extra charge) I can’t be sure but I think people are on to your excuse-making…

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Writing Fiction & Poetry : How to Write a Romantic Love Poem

Video Verse and Interview: Slamalamadingdong winner, Jessie Giles

Melbourne Spoken Word

Jessie Giles won last month’s Slamalamadingdong Open Slam. Below we present one of her moving pieces, ‘Eye Spy’ and an interview. Jessie will also be featuring at Passionate Tongues in the coming months.

Jessie was introduced to Melbourne’s spoken word community in 2012 through various slams and CPJ workshops, with the guidance of Jacky T and Luka Lesson. Jessie spent most of her teenage years in central Australia in indigenous communities and much of her spoken word draws upon that experience. Since then, she has performed with Stillwaters Storytelling Collective and gone back to Alice Springs with Jacky T and Abe Ape to perform as part of the Wide Open Spaces Festival.

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