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Daily Archives: July 25, 2013

Stalker Shadow

The Monsters and Me


Did you think I couldn’t see you

In that car just by the tree

I have seen you there many times

Just sitting waiting for me.

You were there first thing in the morning

Before I started work

Then at lunchtime I could see

In the car park you would lurk.

You followed me whilst shopping

Then followed me to the school

Did you think I couldn’t see you

I’m really not a fool.

When other people noticed

You turned it into a game

I never could have imagined that

My life would never be the same.

Always looking over my shoulder

Watching the car park by that tree

Although you may have gone for now

It seems you still haunt me.

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Summer Has Taken Leave….


Summer Has Taken Leave....

The beautiful, hot, and sunny summer has been replaced by a truly beautiful monsoon in India. Even though the summers here are too hot for some people’s liking, they have their own kind of charm. I got inspired by re-reading Charlotte’s Web, an old classic, to write about the summer taking leave.

The summer has taken leave
The sad truth we have to heave
Watching the birds snuggle and nest
Not a minute to take rest
The flower dancing in joy and class
Bugs and beetles peeking through grass
There’s happiness everywhere
AND SUDDENLY- it isn’t there
The summer has taken leave
The sad truth we have to heave
Chirrup, chirrup, chirrup, we crickets sing.
It has left the maples red
The sunshine-eaters quite unfed
Gloom has settled in every nook
Our summer happiness summer has took
We begged her to return for a prize
The cheeky reply- wait…

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Beautiful Juxtaposition…

Book to the Future



Silence pervades the cold dark night, in this peace…

I think of you.

I gaze at the stars and their associated wonders.

I think of you


The last email of my day has flown across the ether,

A sense of melancholy at the broken connection.

A new day beckons, I cannot contain myself,

I should sleep, though it seems a waste when you are in my world.


I sit alone and smile

I think of you.

I dare to dream of realities unrealised

I think of you.


Sensual beginnings to a day’s end, a beautiful juxtaposition,

A wondrous sense of magic flows in me, ancient and unknowable.

Is this what others understand?

No, not like this…nothing can be like this.


I think of you.


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Which path do you take?


Which path do you take?

That is entirely up to you

Each path has it’s own challenger

 Influencing you whatever you do


Not all pathways are the right ones

But through experience you will see

Finding what is right for you

Then whatever will be will be


You will travel many paths in life

Meeting many people on the way

They all will inspire and influence you

Through their actions and whatever they say


You will know when you have found it

For you will feel it within your heart

For the pathway you have found

Will encourage you to make a new start
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