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A Visionary Thing

Drifting Visions


“What I was seeing was a visionary thing, it was a lightness in my body . . . my body suddenly felt light, and a sense of cosmic consciousness, vibrations, understanding, awe . . . And it was a sudden awakening into a totally deeper real universe than I’d been existing in” (Allen Ginsberg 521)

Allen Ginsberg, prophet of visionary poetry, described an awakening of consciousness that came to him through the words of William Blake. Ginsberg was inspired by Blake’s ‘Ah! Sun-flower’ to see the world anew, to see all creation as one life force.

Ginsberg’s own visionary poem, ‘Howl,’ makes several references to Blake’s poetry, and both poets seem united by the same vibrant, cosmic consciousness, which Ginsberg describes as the “great unconscious” that runs “between all of us (522).” “Awake! Awake O sleeper of the land of shadows, wake! Expand! (211)” Blake…

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