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Daily Archives: July 29, 2013

The Heat Wave By Gillian Sims

Bacon Roses

Daily life, this and that. Ambiguous

I am extraneous in your life.
An unnecessary evil.
A useless appendage.
I am bacon roses to be consumed and, thus, forgotten.
I am a mullet.
I can be expelled.
Without cause or provocation.
Simply because I do not belong to the equation.
I am rapidly becoming rainwater when you have a built-in sprinkler system.Image

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Gelett Burgess



I’d Rather Have Habits Than Clothes,
For that’s where my intellect shows.
And as for my hair,
Do you think I should care
To comb it at night with my toes?

I’d rather have ears than a nose,
I’d rather have fingers than toes,
But as for my hair:
I’m glad it’s all there;
I’ll be awfully sad when it goes.

I wish that my Room had a Floor;
I don’t so much care for a Door,
But this walking around
Without touching the ground
Is getting to be quite a bore! 
Gelett Burgess


A welcomed seasonal traveler which arrives here late for spring,
While some birds pause to whistle or others stop to sing,
You preen your wings of black and white then shriek a high-pitched ring.
Sailing with the thermals, flying with ennui,
You spot a bluefish skimming the surface of the sea.
Plunging downwards fearlessly, your talons raised and ready,
You grasp your prey beneath the bay, a raptor poised and heady.
When you meet your partner and bind a sturdy nest,
You raise your chicks to pick up sticks with little time to rest.
And once your tenure ends as summer days are done,
You ascend again into the sky to seek a warmer sun.

Copyright 2013 Wendy Shreve


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