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Eyes of a child – Promote Yourself

the_innocent_eyes_of_a_child_by_olivia_mira-d3bur9kI sometimes look into the eyes of my child
And pray to God and the Holy Virgin for forgiveness.
I knowingly brought her to this world.

When I seek evidence of a soul,
I find it in her. Animated, trans-substantiated.
Her very being in existence.

Proof of the divine is not etched in stained glass,
Nor the Masons folly of heaven ascending spire.
Instead a window reflected in dazzling blue.

Was my sin in creation absolved, as rough nails drove home.
Am I to be punished more than in thought verse and prose.
Belief is not opinion.

What shapes the paradox of my sinful act of creation.
How can beauty and innocence be wrong.
I do not create this world.

I sacrifice upon its altar.

John Bullock 

My first poem in >30 years

(Middlesex, UK)

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