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How can she make her mind & soul beautiful for him? – Promote Yourself



Maybe if she bared a little of her tender psychological matter, lustful thoughts would dominate his?


Maybe if she wore mental nudity, he would respect her?


Maybe if she applied pretty variations of metaphorical statements to her dialogue,


Structured and styled her words with the scalding tongs of past experiences

He would want her?


Maybe if she let her tired, run down self, experience mental rest,

He would land softly on a bed of supressed emotions?


Maybe if she thought hard about what she said, her inquisitive words would make her lips appear attractive?


You see, all she wants from you, is to make love to her mind and soul.

Before he falls under the debauchery ways of life, and robs her of her physical innocence,

She longs for him to acknowledge the beauty in having a good soul.


A beautiful soul, is the first to grant you with pleasure, before you blissfully fall into these walls.

The soul is the first thing you can familiarize yourself with, without it changing the foundations of your morality.


However, if she just satisfied him, physically

Her walls would take shape to his preference

And all geniality and originality would be lost…

And the only retrievable source, would be in the embers of her mental playground.


“Come play with me”

Her eyes challenged.

– tatiana agatha ennin. 14.

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