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Trapped – Promote Yourself



Banging on the walls, she screamed, she prayed
Begging for freedom to come each and every day.
Her prayers, though, fell on deaf ears
As her days grew to months, which spanned years
She was a captive, locked in the confines
Of his demented, tortured mind.
As the time wore on, she grew numb to the abuse
To this pathetic excuse
Of a man – a man she once loved
Back when she thought that was enough
Now, though, she simply longs to be free
Far away from his anger, his torture, his depravity.
As time wore on, her prayers for salvation
Took a morbid turn
As she, instead, begged for death to come
She could take no more, she was done.

Trysh L Thompson

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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