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Daily Archives: August 12, 2013

Happen – Promote Yourself


If the world stood still for a day,

do you think any destruction could happen?

or do you think we’ll all freeze, still, never moving forward

If peace was a reached goal for the world,

is it possible that we could keep it that way?

or would we search for a battle

to cause pain, hurt and death that has become such second nature to us now

If time traveling was the way to the future,

what would happen to the past and the present?

would curiosity kick in and compel us to go back and fix what could be fixed, save what could be saved and create a future that we have always visioned as a nation

The past is over that’s why it should be left there,

to settle in its former glory, to collect the dust of times that go by

you have to focus on today because all we really know and what we can be sure of is what is happening right now around us

so live each day to the fullest

breathe as if it’s your last breath

and love with an open heart


By: me (Bea Militante)

my blog is

I live in england for school, but im originally from the philippines, im mixed raced and im currently in year 13 at secondary school. I really want to have my own poetry book so I decided to create my blog purely so i could see how people react to my poems. They are all deeply personal and based on my life, mainly my childhood so I would love it if you could publish it on your blog for me, you follow me actually and favourited this one.

THE CITY – Promote Yourself


Dusk in the city
The bars are filled with the young
Each with their own style
But as the bar fills
Bump into mirrors as
They squeeze past.
The man standing outside
Interested in the crowd
His smoke blows into the air
It dances with the mists
Of time
That are forever present
On these streets
Haunted tonight
Not from histories ghosts
The ghost of her.
The buildings
Each one a reminder of something
They passed at one time
Hand in hand
Life in life.
Now no more
Their life now becomes
More mist to be added
To this city.

There is a building over the road
The window face out over
A crossroads.
How many have sat
And dreamed about a life to come
Or a life that was.
Plans so important to those
Who sat there?
Now only remembered
By the walls that
Still stand.
The cigarette stubbed out
Placed in the bin
In case the birds eat it
She was always worried about those birds
A small smile comes on his face
Another bit dies inside
Over the loss.
Passes through the others
Standing in the bathroom
Washing his hands
Trying to wash away the decision made
He knows the ghosts
Are telling him something
When he is unable to look
At himself in the mirror.

Gabriel Denver

Wretched Doors – Promote Yourself


I was wondering where the doors had gone?

Only, people say they’re everywhere,

waiting to be opened.

But there hasn’t been a doorman,

or a letter with an address.

to show me where these wretched doors are,

I am confused, I must confess.

They say these doors give chances,

and I’d like a few of those,

but it seems these doors are hard to find,

I don’t suppose you have a map?

Safah Ahmed

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